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Tyler Yong is a highly motivated UX / UI Designer currently pursuing professional development through the Springboard Bootcamp. He holds a degree in Marketing Management from City University of New York Baruch with a minor in Graphic Design, demonstrating a strong foundation in both business and design principles.

In his leisure time, Tyler engages in a diverse range of interests, including socializing with friends, honing his photography skills, mastering the art of Jiu-Jitsu, playing Pickleball, enjoying movies, and exploring new destinations through travel.

He is deeply committed to addressing user experience and user interface challenges, leveraging a keen eye for aesthetics to craft visually appealing applications and websites. Tyler aspires to synergize his passion for UX/UI Design with his marketing expertise to produce outstanding creative works. Currently, he is actively seeking innovative opportunities in the field and welcomes connections from like-minded professionals.

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